six-some at World Pride 2014

World Pride 2014

Yesterday was the Trans March at World Pride 2014.

Looking around amid the throngs of people, it was amazing to see how our little straggly march of 3 years ago has morphed into quite a large event. We have gained acceptance from the main Pride event organizers and from the city, and now march on the same route as everyone else instead of being relegated, as we were, to marching through the gay village.

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talking back limo ride for Janie and Cici

Talking Back

My good friend Cici Kytten – as thoughtful and kind a soul as you are ever likely to meet – recently released a blog post about talking back against the backlash, or more simply answering our haters. She put me in mind to write a complementary post myself on the subject. But first, I invite you to go over to her site and read her wonderful writing, and you can do so simply by clicking here.

I think the most profound point she makes is that people who tend to oppose our rights – y’know, to exist and such – are people who haven’t a clue who we are. Say what you will about trans people, we are, if nothing else, a group of some of the most fascinating, fun and friendly people on the planet. Hanging out with us for a few hours will prove as much. But, haters prefer the comfort of their own ignorance and assumptions. When you think about it, a human being who decides on a course of action and personal philosophy that is calculated to deprive others of the lives they desire, and sometimes of their lives altogether, must be pretty callous and unfeeling. I mean, at least know the people you are throwing under the bus before you go ahead. You may just change your mind.

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Avery Edison

UPDATE: Avery is Going Home

From what I have read, they are sending Avery Edison home tomorrow. I am glad for her that her ordeal is just about over; now let’s get the laws and protocols changed.

Hopefully something good will come from all of this.

(For those who are puzzled as to what this is all about, here’s my original post on this, and the next follow-up. Suffice to say, a young trans woman from England – not Afghanistan – overstayed her visa by a few days (horrors!) and was summarily placed in a prison for men despite her passport and presentation both indicating her feminine gender. This happened in Canada – not North Korea.)



The internet uproar, especially on Twitter #FreeAvery has resulted in her transfer to a women’s facility. There will be a hearing in the morning.

In addition to my previous post, here are some quotes from the National Post:

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male prison with female passport

TransWoman in Men’s Prison for Student Visa Infraction

I am spitting mad tonight – and a little scared. This is, after all, a local story.

A young British transwoman who had overstayed her student visa, was taken to prison. That in itself sounds more like a story about a Russian gulag or some other imperious undemocratic state indiscriminately taking advantage of strangers to its country.

But the story only gets worse from there. Avery Edison is a British citizen with official documentation proving she has the status of female. And yet, they decided that it would be her genitals that would determine whether she went to a men’s or women’s prison!

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