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Just Living Life

In the past, I posted my thoughts on some complex transgender issues, but somehow rarely found time to post about just living life.

Not everything is drama, or even deep. In fact very little is.

We go about our days just living life and being who we are. Sounds boring – and that’s probably why I didn’t write about it before – but if one posts nothing but inner questioning and the like, people tend to get the impression that you are troubled. 😛

So, I’d like to provide a more realistic perspective of my life as a transwoman – largely free of

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Halloween 2014 with Friends

Hi everyone. It has been a while since I have posted, and I am thinking about many things. I am hoping to share my thoughts in the near future.

But, all work and no play makes Jane a dull girl, so today here’s a Halloween photo gallery for you. I had the opportunity to get together with a bunch of friends for dinner and drinks, so here is a glimpse into the fun.

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Kellie Maloney Has Always Been Female But I Have Not

Kellie Maloney has been in the news lately – at least the British news. Formerly a boxing promoter named Frank Maloney, she has come out in her sixties as a woman. There has been little in the form of any backlash – which is great, and yet, The Independent took time out to deliver a little lecture on the use of language.

The article appears here: Kellie Maloney has always been female.

There’s a false idea out there that “men” just wake up one day and “decide” to become women. It’s not really like that, to be honest. I find it really bizarre when people preface questions with: “When you were a man” or ask me what it was like when I “was a bloke”. For a start I transitioned in my teens, so we’re hardly talking bloke territory, but honestly, I couldn’t tell you what it felt like when I “was a man” as I’ve never been one, inside.

I get it. However…

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reference material

Reference Material

Today has been a day of reading for me, as I have stumbled on some interesting articles. I want to post links to them here as reference material for myself and others looking for information on being transgender.

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World Pride Trans March

The Trans March is a political event; it is a party; it is a chance to get out; it is an opportunity to re-connect with friends. And, it is a vehicle for teaching the world about who we are, how many of us there are and putting a face to what it means to be trans.

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