Feet, Glorious Feet

It’s quite something, this girl thing!  I find pleasure in the most unexpected places…

I’ve been walking around a bit in a jean skirt and high-heeled mule-type sandals, which does present a challenge after a while.  But that aside, I sat down at a patio table at Fred’s Mexican, and let my sandals slide off my feet as they dangled from the bar-height chairs.

It surprises me the sensual feeling I am getting from sitting here with my feet, the pair, bare, in the air… legs crossed, hair tossed, getting sauced on a fabulous margarita!

I feel quite a sensual tingle throughout my body!

I never wear sandals as a guy, and have always tended to wear shoes, even on a dock, or even walking on the beach near the water.  It was always about protecting my feet.

The result has been that I now have lovely delicate unmarked feet, which suits my girliness just perfectly.

And, the feeling from being in bare feet is so much newer to me than it would otherwise have been.

But, the tradeoff is that in the recent past I have repeatedly caused myself agony banging my toes into chair legs, or other objects strewn about the floor.  It makes it almost not worth the risk of running around barefoot…

…almost, but not quite!