Sweet Anticipation.

This stuff’s still baking… we’ll let you know when it’s ready.

Strawberry Tart Mini Frosted Raspberry Gelee Puff Pastry Eclair


  • Is that turkish delight in the foreground picture? OMG, if it is, it is a weakness of mine. I friggin love that stuff. Anyway, looks yummy.

  • marcus

    Wow! You have certainly out done yourself once again! From behind the lense to in front of it too, you never stop amazing me! I look forward to when the time comes your style of photography be recognized “mainstream” USA and beyond the likes of Adams and Warhol! Seriously, you have an eye for the caputuring the individualism that I can’t wait for a day when they announce the next winner for phiotography Pulitizer and your name be one considered! BTW that one of the microphone and I believe that is Jerry Lewis in the background(?) do you hae one of Elvis Presley in the background and the microphone or one of John Lennon in the background and the microphone? If you do, please get in touch with me,thanks!

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