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An Open Letter to Supporters of Religious Freedom/Anti-LGBT Laws

I understand that transgender or homosexual people may seem to you to be odd, or unnatural, or off-putting, or even a wrong choice. Many of you may have even made your determination without ever having met one of us or carefully researching the facts. I understand that the way we lead our lives may conflict with the way your religion instructs you to lead yours.

As much as we wish you didn’t feel that way about us (and would like to work to foster a better understanding of one another), rest assured that we have no desire to interfere with your beliefs or the exercise of your religion. We This business serves everyone without discriminationjust want to live our lives in peace and with dignity, much in the same way as you do. The greatest thing about our society is the way people of different backgrounds, races, colors, beliefs and opinions can live together in harmony. It makes all of us richer, happier and stronger.

Look around the world at the places where people try to impose their beliefs on everyone else.

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example of why the florida bathroom law makes no sense

Frank Artiles’ Florida Bathroom Law

Frank Artiles has introduced a bill in the Florida legislature that purports to “secure privacy and safety for all individuals using single-sex public facilities” such as restrooms, locker rooms, and fitting rooms. requiring people to use only facilities that match their assigned sex at birth. This Florida bathroom law means even post-operative trans people — those who have undergone full sex change operations — would be forced to use facilities that aren’t in accordance with their gender identities. The bill also provides for civil action against operators of public accommodations who follow trans-inclusive policies. The legislation would override local non-discrimination ordinances extending public accommodations protections to transgender people.

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New Year

 New Year Eve Dinner


Looking back on 2014 – not the best year, not the worst. I hope to do much better in 2015. It is high time I followed my heart and conquered my fears.

I am so happy for the friendships that I have made and hope to be a better friend to those I love. But, for now, all I can say is thanks for putting up with me, flaws and all.

Happy New Year!



Normalcy – A Slice of Heaven

Is this the reality of being trans? That normalcy is a slice of heaven?

I kinda know that already (see Just Living Life, posted only a few days ago), but I saw this graphic today on Facebook and my reaction really surprised me anyway.

heaven is a slice of normalcyYeah, it’s cute humor, and yeah, there are those who focus on the gun thing and on feminist objections to the father’s protectiveness, but for me what really hit home – and it stopped me in my tracks – was the picture it created in my mind… of having a boyfriend who stood beside me, proud to be with me, and of having the passionate approval and protection of my parents – especially my dad.


Funny how the idea of just being part of an almost cliched family experience can be so moving! I see a scene where I am loved and accepted (not just tolerated), protected, desired, wanted, embraced, and where I can have confidence that I belong – and it feels profound.

It seems like just getting back to zero is a major accomplishment for many trans people – and even those whose experiences have been quite positive.

But, I guess heaven is in the small things for everyone. As we strive for money and things and thrills, in a quiet moment it can hit us that genuine love of family and friends is heaven – is the only thing that really and truly matters.


Just in Time for Winter – Scarf Lessons

With winter coming, we have to cover up and keep warm. But that doesn’t mean we can’t do it with style.

I found this fashion lesson online – shows about 20 different ways to tie a scarf. Enjoy!

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