How It Is to Be You

A fascinating woman named Linda Coussement has undertaken a project she calls “How It Is to Be You,” in which she is “slowly travelling the world, asking all sorts of people ‘how it is to be you?'” She is profiling people’s senses of themselves to help “people understand themselves and each other a little bit better.”

Maybe she’s right in hoping that she can make a difference in people’s lives. I’d like to think so.

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portrait of the photographer

The Gala Photographer

As usual, whenever there’s a camera around – especially my own – I cannot resist getting in front of it. So, while I enjoyed my time as the event photographer for the Fairytale Fantasy Ball, I did manage to get a shot or two of myself. (See below):

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Jolene (7)websize

Fairytale Fantasy Ball

Almost two weeks ago, they held the Fairytale Fantasy Ball – a gala event for the transgender community where transwomen and admirers came to enjoy a fancy evening of dining and dancing. The theme was Disney Fairy Princesses, but many of the women in attendance just came in nice gowns.

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Vanity Fair Cover Call Me Janie


Vanity Fair Cover Call Me Janie

Call Me Janie

Interesting thing this MyVanityFairCover (‪#‎MyVanityFairCover) movement.

By making Vanity Fair covers of their own, some transwomen are protesting the cis-normative, white-privileged image they say Caitlyn Jenner is perpetuating of what trans women are. Funny though that almost every MyVanityFairCover I have seen is of a cis-normative white trans woman.

Of course we trans women come in all shapes, sizes, races and colors, but having a household name come out as trans is the biggest gift we could ever have had. It normalizes us; it allows millions of people who have never known what a trans person was to intersect with us. Instead of characterising the Vanity Fair portrayal as restrictive and incomplete, let’s just revel in Caitlyn’s courage and be thankful for the generous attention paid to her.

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thinking about discrimination

An Open Letter to Supporters of Religious Freedom/Anti-LGBT Laws

I understand that transgender or homosexual people may seem to you to be odd, or unnatural, or off-putting, or even a wrong choice. Many of you may have even made your determination without ever having met one of us or carefully researching the facts. I understand that the way we lead our lives may conflict with the way your religion instructs you to lead yours.

As much as we wish you didn’t feel that way about us (and would like to work to foster a better understanding of one another), rest assured that we have no desire to interfere with your beliefs or the exercise of your religion. We This business serves everyone without discriminationjust want to live our lives in peace and with dignity, much in the same way as you do. The greatest thing about our society is the way people of different backgrounds, races, colors, beliefs and opinions can live together in harmony. It makes all of us richer, happier and stronger.

Look around the world at the places where people try to impose their beliefs on everyone else.

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