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Golf + Bubble Baths – Why I’m Happier as a Woman

I always knew that I was happier as a woman, but I’m only just starting to realize why.

I played golf today with a couple of my old male friends. I shanked my share and hit some plain stupid shots, but y’know what? It didn’t affect my mood one iota. Not to put too fine a point on it, but that’s not exactly the way it was in my prior life. Today, all I cared about was being outside on a beautiful day playing a fun game with friends. And, I was happy.

When I got home, I was pooped, and I decided to treat myself to a nice bubble-bath complete with rain-shower and some soft jungle music. What a lovely sensuous experience! My senses were revived and I was renewed! Now, I was even happier! Why did I live so long as someone who would never even think of doing something like that?


In point of fact, I know I have always been who I am now, but somehow the feminine emphasis has taken the rough edges off the way I used to be, or perhaps opened the door to possibilities I would not allow myself to consider as a male.

There are those whose reaction to this is to broaden the possibilities for men, and while I have no problem understanding that, I do not really want to see men and women evolving to the same place. I very much vive la difference, and just figure that the guy thing wasn’t for me because I wasn’t one.

don't i look happier?